Al Athar مجلة الأثـــــــــــــــر
Volume 15, Numéro 25, Pages 87-94

Réflexion Sur L’apport Argumentatif De Quelques Connecteurs Dans La Constitution Du Sens

Auteurs : Mesbahi Khaled . Khennour Salah .


Argumentation and language, a thesis that its main objective is to give account to the most practiced field in everyday human interactions, but, its exposition is often unperceived. This work tests to realize this task. The principle of our work is to articulate on the fact that every utterance is argumentative. Every utterance is considered as an argument for a given conclusion. Normally, the utterance gives instructions to its interpreter, guiding him to draw such or such conclusion in such or such speech situation. This argumentative orientation is done via authentic texts to try building cognitive and linguistic competences that are exploitable in and out of class.

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