Al Athar مجلة الأثـــــــــــــــر
Volume 15, Numéro 25, Pages 83-105

إرشادات المجلس الأمريكي لتعليم اللغات الأجنبية (actfl) دراسة وصفية تحليلية للمستويات والمهارات والكفايات The Guidelines Of American Council On The Teaching Of Foreign Languages: An Analytical Descriptive Study Of Levels, Skills Andcompetences

الكاتب : عياد الحجوري صالح . إبراهيم الجراح محمد .


This research paper aims at introducing an analytical descriptive study for levels, skills and proficiencies of the guidelines of American council for teaching foreign languages (ACTFL) through analyzing its skills and proficiencies. It has five main levels, i.e. novice, intermediate, advanced,superior and distinguished. The beginner, intermediate and advanced levels are branched into three subdivisions. The novice, intermediate and advanced are subdivided into the subdivisions of low, mid and high. The linguistic skills are listening, conversation, reading and writing. As for the proficiencies, they are three types: the linguistic, communicative and cultural skills. The research paper aims at having benefits from these guidelines and its applications and investigating how far they can be applied on the courses for teaching Arabic for the speakers of other languages. The research paper has concluded the guidelines introduce the common principles and the basic guides for composing a courses and educational programs. Their linguistic levels are accurate and fit the learners’ needs and educational levels. The paper has recommended to be based upon referential scientific frames that fit the learners and introduce the linguistic skills and proficiencies through strict benchmarks to ensure the success of the educational process, accomplish the needed outcomes and unify the efforts of the educational associations and authorities that concerning teaching Arabic. It has suggested that the experts and professionals to cooperate to put a unified framework for courses of Arabic language to be a guide for composing programs according the international frameworks.

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