Journal of Advanced Research in Science and Technology
Volume 1, Numéro 1, Pages 6-11

Study Of The Effect Of Some Parameters Governing The Recovery Process Of Acetic Acid From Waste Water By Alcohols

Authors : Hadj Seyd Abdelkader . Lanez Touhami . Gharib Toufik . Herma Aida .


Optimization of experimental conditions of acetic acid recovery from its aqueous solution by a liquid-liquid extraction, with alcohols, was carried out in this study. The effect of parameters governing the process such as: pH of aqueous solution, partition coefficient and initial concentration on acid, volume ratio between phases and temperature, were studied. Variation of distribution coefficient and yield of extraction of acetic acid, depending on these parameters, was investigated to determine the favorable conditions to recover this acid from its aqueous solution. Results show that, in comparison to the other alcohols used, butan-1-ol gives the higher values of yield and distribution coefficient, the optimal conditions of extraction are obtained at low pH values, a yield of 64.4 % was obtained at pH 1.40 . A departure solution concentrated on acid and a high volume ratio of organic solvent favor the extraction (79.78 % of the acid were extracted for Vorg/Vaq=3:1). Finally, we noted that the yield and the distribution coefficient increase with increasing temperature, nearly 69.62 % of acetic acid were extracted at 318.15 K. The study will be useful in the design of liquid-liquid extraction process by alcohols for acetic acid recovery.


Acetic acid, liquid extraction, distribution coefficient, yield