Traduction et Langues
Volume 13, Numéro 1, Pages 16-24

Der Einsatz Vom Film Und Von Filmsequenzen Für Einen Handlungsorientierten Daf-unterricht Im Lmd-ausbildungssystem Der Universität Oran 2 / The Use Of Film And Film Sequences For An Action Learning In German Classes In The Lmd System At The University Of Oran

Auteurs : Mokadem Fatima .


The aim of this article is to undertake a research on the use of German films in Algerian GFL classes. Due to the -constantly growing- globalization, language and cultural knowledge are becoming more important than ever before for individuals and society. If you speak several languages today, you also have more opportunities in professional life. Foreign cultures always come with foreign languages. However, without staying in the countries of the target language, it is very difficult to really get to know the culture. Nevertheless, most Algerian pupils and GFL students will only encounter the foreign language and the foreign culture at school or at university. The teacher in Deutsch lessons becomes a very important element in the transfer of culture, mostly with the support of didactic means (textbooks, films, pictures, textbooks...etc). In doing so, he must observe the basic principles of media didactics, the methods of using the medium of film and the competence goals of the curriculum. So, the focus is directed onto teaching, and what happens in the classrooms determines how well this new culture is conveyed. Using examples from our seminars, we would like to present and analyze some of the methods reinforcing the appeal to the film in order to develop different skills among Algerian GFL learners.

Mots clés

Action orientation; Deutsch calsses, communicative competence, intercultural competence, use of film, film stations; German films.