Revue des Substances Naturelles et Innovation Thérapeutique
Volume 2, Numéro 1, Pages 22-27

In Vivo Evaluation Of Toxicity And Skin Tolerance Of The Essential Oils Of Rosmarinus Officinalis And Populus Alba

Authors : Belkhodja Hamza . Belmimoun A. . Side Larbi K. . Kamel S. .


The plants were still used for therapeutic reasons. They represent an important source of many chemical structures of compounds. To avoid any possible risk of toxicity in the using of these compounds, it is necessary to conduct toxicity tests. For this purpose, the study of the acute toxicity was carried out on Wistar rats that received doses of 0.5 to 7 mg / Kg of the extract of the essential oil by intra-peritoneal injection. As part of the pre-clinical studies, the test of skin tolerance of both essential oils was conducted by the measuring of primary irritation index. The results indicate the absence of severe clinical signs and dead rats during the 14 days of observation. Thus, the essential oil of Populus alba and even Rosmarinus officinalis administered intraperitoneally has no acute toxicity in rats. In other hand, we find that the essential oil of R. officinalis is non-irritating to the skin while the essential oil of P. alba is slightly irritating. Evaluation of extract’s toxicity and skin irritation potential is essential to ensure the safety of people in contact with substances in pharmaceutical applications.


extraction; essential oils; Populus alba; Rosmarinus officinalis; acute toxicity; irritation.