Iles d Imesli
Volume 9, Numéro 1, Pages 265-274

La Création Littéraire Par Le Procédé De L’adaptation Chez Mohand Ou Yehya. Les Raisons D’un Choix

Auteurs : Hacid Farida .


Agzul Muḥend U Yeḥya , isem-is aḥeqqani Ʃabdella MUḤYA (1950-2004) d amaru n yiseggasen n sebɛin i d- yewwin amaynut i tsekla n teqbaylit, yerna yesnerna-tt s uzgay n tmezgunin i d- uran ibeṛṛaniyen. Anadi ɣef tmeddurt-is akk d tsekla id-yeǧǧa simmal yettnerni. Amagrad agi a d-yessefhem acimi i yerra lwelha-s ɣer uzgay? A d- nefk Tiririt ɣef usteqsi agi s tezrawt nexdem i tidiwennit ines d-yeffɣen deg tesɣunt Tafsut deg useggass n 1985. Abstract Abdellah MOHIA, nicknamed Mohand Ou Yehya (1950-2004) was a writer of the nineteen hundred and seventy. Thanks to his adaptations of plays written by foreign authors ,He had largely contributed to the renewal of kabyle literature. That’s why research on his work and itinerary bee a growing interest for a whik. Resuming his interview published in the magazine Tafsut in 1985, we will attempt to provide some answers to the following question: Why Mohand Ou Yahya chose to take an interest to adaptation?

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Mohand Ou Yehya,Writer,Kabyle ,literature,Adaptation.