Iles d Imesli
Volume 9, Numéro 1, Pages 243-251

Essai D’élaboration D’un Dictionnaire Complémentaire Du Dallet, Avec Un Corpus Recueilli Dans Une Autre Région De La Kabylie, Hors Celle Des Ait Manguellet

Auteurs : Aoudia Arezki .


Agzul Axeddim-a d asumur n asegzawal usmid i usegzawal n Dallet taqbaylit-tafransist, s usidef n wawalen i d-negmer seg wat Ɛidel (Tama n Ssumam). Negmer-d 790 n wawalen (ismawen d yimyagen). Ammud nneɣ yerza taɣulin n tudert : imɣan, tasnisemt, tatiknulujit, iɣersiwen, tawennaḍt. Deg uxeddim-agi, nessumer-d daɣen yiwet n tarrayt niḍen n lebni n wawalen deg-s ara yilin ɛla ḥsab n akken msedfaṛen yisekkilen n ugemmay, iwakken ad nessishel anadi n wawalen deg usegzawal-agi. Deg uḥric aneggaru n uxeddim-agi, nessegza-d asenfaṛ deg-i ara nerr asegzawal asinutlay deg tutlayt tamatut (taqbaylit-tafransist) deg uḥric n tselklimt. Iswi n usegzawal-a ad ig azal i umawal, i d-yettwagemren deg wat Ɛidel d tamawin n temnaṭ n Ṣummam sumata, negmer-d awalen ur ssawalen ara deg temnaṭ n At Mangellat akken ad nesnerni asegzawal n Dallet. Geg usenfar-a ad d-nfares aɣbalu amaynut i tutlayt i izemren ad d-yernu azal i tutlayt taqbaylit deg tetiknulujiyin n yisalen taynutin. Abstract The Berber lexicography, has known several products: lexicons, glossaries which are generally attached to texts or grammars and dictionaries. These products are unequally distributed in different Berber dialects. In this small work, I propose a complement to the Kabyle-French Dictionary of Dallet. This lexicon is collected in another region than western Kabylia, that of the Valley Soummam. I built my corpus in the Ait Aidel region where I collected seven hundred and eighty (790) lexical units (nominal and verbal) spread over four hundred and ninety (490) roots. The objective of this research is to present a lexicographic complement to Dallet's dictionary, secondly to present another method of alphabetical classification of entries to this complementary dictionary and which will facilitate its consultation by a general public. This dictionary will be followed by a computer support that will allow the Kabyle language to vast public and evolve in the new information technologies.

Mots clés

Lexicography, dictionary, dictionary entry, dictionary entry classification, general language.