Iles d Imesli
Volume 9, Numéro 1, Pages 191-198

Dictionnaire Numérique De La Terminologie De Spécialité

Auteurs : Tigziri Noura . Boukherrouf Ramdane .


Agzul Deg unadi-agi, ad nesken amawal umḍin yerzan awalen n taɣulin deg tmaziɣt. iswi-nneɣ s wallal-agi, nebɣa ad nesdukkel akk ayen ay-d-yefeɣen deg yidlisen yerna nenwa ad nessidef tutlyat deg wallan-agi atraren n taywalt. Abstract We present in this paper a digital dictionary of terminology in Tamazight which offers, besides making available to users and researchers a powerful linguistic tool that meets their needs, federate the various actors in lexical creation, currently dispersed; as well as accompanying the integration of Berber in education and the new areas of communication implied by its new status.

Mots clés

digital dictionary, specialty terminology, lexical creation, teaching, communication