Iles d Imesli
Volume 9, Numéro 1, Pages 173-181

Des Lexicographes Face à La Néologie Dans Les Dictionnaires Berbères (kabyles)

Auteurs : Ait-mimoune Ourida .


Agzul Deg 1844 ar ass-a aṭas n yimawalen n tmaziɣt (taqbaylit) i d-yettwarun. Kra deg-sen d imawalen n tutlayt (s snat n tutlayin neɣ ugar) wiyaḍ d imawalen n tesnirmin. Deg umagrad-agi, ad nenadi di marw d sin n tezwarin n yimawalen n teqbaylit d acu-tt tmuɣli n bab n umawal ɣer wawalen-agi i d-illulen di tutlayt n tmaziɣt (taqbaylit). Abstract In this article, we propose to study twelve prefaces of Berber dictionaries (Kabyle’s) in search of lexicographers' attitudes towards lexical creations (neologisms) as well as the arguments put forward by lexicographers in favor of their introduction or ejection in their productions.

Mots clés

attitudes, neology, néologisms, lexicography, berber language (kabyle).