Iles d Imesli
Volume 9, Numéro 1, Pages 93-102

La Définition Lexicographique En Tamaziɣt. Etude Comparative Entre Le Kabyle1 Et Le Parler De La Vallée Dadès (sud-est Du Maroc)

Auteurs : Boukherrouf Ramdane .


Agzul Deg uḍris-agi, nserwes iberdan n usbadu gar teqbaylit d tmaziɣt n Lmerruk. Tazrawt-nneɣ tebna ɣef usegzawal n teqbaylit n Kamal Bouamara d tezrawt ɣef tmeslyat n Dadès (Lmerruk) n Samir Sghir. Di taggara, nebɣa ad d-nini deg usbadu ilaq tikta ad zḍent deg tazwara alamma d taggara ; meḥsub seg wayen ur nemussan ara almma d ayen mussanen. Abstract In the perspective of a research on the textual organization of the definition in Tamazight, we propose in this paper to analyze the definitions adopted in two monolingual dictionaries: the Kabyle dictionary Asegzawal n teqbaylit issin by Kamal Bouamara and Mustapha Seghir Essay of a monolingual Amazigh dictionary: methodology and application. Talking about the Dades Valley (South-East of Morocco) in terms of cohesion and the progression of meaning. We propose to extend the analysis to the textual markers that structure the textual organization of the definition. The study is part of the textual linguistics. We will essentially rely on the approach of Adam (2011) who defines the text under six binding operations of basic textual units to ensure cohesion and textual progression.

Mots clés

textual organization, definition, lexicography, textual progression, generic term