Iles d Imesli
Volume 9, Numéro 1, Pages 75-81

La Définition Lexicographique Substantielle Et Les Termes Génériques En Berbère

Auteurs : Kahlouche Rabah .


Agzul Tazrawt-agi, terza azal yesɛa wawal amatu deg usbadu n uskenawal. Di tazwara, nesfehem-d amek ay tensemras deg tutlyat n tmaziɣt(taqbaylit), syen nefka-d azal ara yesɛu deg usuken (uheggi ) n tmeslayt. Abstarct We are interested in this text to one of the important supports of the lexicographic definition: the generic terms. We take a look at their situation in the Berber language (Kabyle) and we draw attention to the need for their care in the current language planning.

Mots clés

Lexicography, lexicographic definition, generic term, linguistic planning, lexicology, term