PhytoChem & BioSub Journal
Volume 7, Numéro 1, Pages 2-13

Study Of The Toxicity Of The Crude Acetone Leaf Extract Of Euphorbia Guyoniana Boiss. And Reut. (euphorbiaceae) In Schistocerca Gregaria (forskål, 1775) (orthoptera-acrididea)

Auteurs : Kemassi Abdellah . Bouziane Nawal . Boual Zkaria . Mesbahi Zakaria . Ghenabzia Mouna . Kafi Mounira . Benbrahim Fouzi . Hadjseyd Aek . Gharib Toufik . Ould El Hadj-khelil Aminata . Ould Elhadj Mohamed Didi .


This study examines the effect by ingestion of leaf cabbage sprayed with crude acetone extract of Euphorbia guyoniana leaves harvested in the Algerian Sahara on some biological parameters of larvae L5 and adult of desert locusts. The ingestion of cabbage leaves soaked in acetone extract of this Saharan plant generates a 100% mortality in larvae L5 and 66,67% for adult. A significant reduction in food intake was observed in the treated population compared to the control population. It results in a loss of exceptional weight ranging from 26,93% in larvae L5 to 33,09% in adults. Difficulties and anomalies are observed in moulting 16,66% of larvae L5 fed with cabbage leaves soaked in leaf extract of E. guyoniana. Dissection of adult females of the lot processing allows the observation of body regression demonstrating the depressant action of this extract on ovocyte cycle in the desert locust.

Mots clés

Toxicity, acetone extract, Euphorbia guyoniana, desert locusts, Sahara

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