PhytoChem & BioSub Journal
Volume 8, Numéro 3, Pages 150-155

Larvicidal Activity Of Some Plants Extracts From El Kala National Park, Algeria

Auteurs : Boughrara Boudjema . Legseir Belgacem .


Our work focuses on the larvicidal activity of ethanolic extracts of the following plants: Garou, Oleander, Lavender, and Thyme. The collection of larvae was carried out at the larval waters in the region of El Kala National Park. The larvae were exposed to different concentrations of ethanol extracts (0, 4℅ - 0, 6℅ - 0.8℅ - 1℅) after a contact time of 24 hours, there were dead and live larvae to calculate the percentage of mortality. The results of larvicidal activity realized by the plants extracts, indicates a direct relation between mortality percentage of larvae and the extracts concentrations.

Mots clés

PN El Kala, plants, larvicidal activity

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