PhytoChem & BioSub Journal
Volume 11, Numéro 1, Pages 41-55

Synthesis Of Copper-based Catalyst Supported On Bentonite For The Removal Of Water Pollutants

Auteurs : Emna Zouaoui Emna . Krid Férial . Zaafour Hanène . Moumen Abdelhak . Medjram Mohamed Salah .


Objectives. The objective is to characterize the catalytic efficiency in the oxidation reaction of two BM and MO dyes using H2O2 alone and / Sun. Methodes. In this work, supported catalysts (Cu / bentonite) to different metal content (1%, 2.5%, 5%) were prepared in order to study their catalytic behavior in the photodegradation reaction of organic pollutants by the diffusional impregnation method and characterized by IR spectroscopy by Fourier transform. Solutions loaded by orange and methylen methyl blue were taken as samples to investigate the effect of the contents in the degradation kinetics. Results. The results show that the degradation of BM is considerably effective. The effect of sunlight on the mineralization of the MO is very efficient compared to that in the presence of H2O2 alone Conclusions. Biomass made from two aquatic animal biomass can be used as adsorbents for the removal of methyl orange and opens prospects for their recovery with other pollutants

Mots clés

Adsorption, aquatic biomass, Isotherm, Kinetic, Thermodynamic.