El-Tawassol" التواصل"
Volume 19, Numéro 1, Pages 65-73

War On Terror: An American Hoax?

Authors : Boutarfa Hadi .


In the wake of the 9/11 events, the USA adopted a strategy to fight the perpetrators who were at the origin of this tragedy. Such orientation was inserted in the framework that was commonly called “war on terrorism.” The latter was overtly pursued as a revengeful policy decided by America to arrest, to jail or to kill those who audaciously desecrated some symbols of the American prestige. However, this “war on terror” proved to be a hoax invented and implemented to attain some concealed goals. The international community swiftly disapproved of it because it departed from its set objectives. Instead of fighting terrorists, America has so far assaulted innocent civilians, while the real terrorist state, Israel, continues to be backed and fully protected. It is in this sense that the present paper is supposed to shed light on this US weird conduct. It also attempts, inter alia, to dissect this strategy in order to point up America’s linked dubious manoeuvres for fighting terrorism.


Terrorism, american hoax, unilateralism, hegemony, catalytic event.