Recueil de mécanique
Volume 2, Numéro 2, Pages 204-214

Quantification Of Damage And Fatigue Life Under Random Loading

Auteurs : Sahnoun Zengah. Ahmad Yousef. Fodhil Khelil. Abdelkrim Aid.


The fatigue of components and structures under real stress is a very complex process that appears at the grain scale. The present work is to highlight a variable loading fatigue life prediction process using the Rain-flow cycle count method and cumulative damage models. Four damage cumulative models are retained and used to estimate the lifetime and to evaluate the indicator of the damage (D) namely: the model Miner, the model of the damaged stress "DSM", the theory unified and finally Henry's law. The first step of the present study consists in the implementation of the organigram of all methods (Rainflow method coupled to the cumulative damage models) in a Matlab program and the second step is estimation of the lifetime and evaluation of the damage indication in the real-time to the studied structure.

Mots clés

andom loading ; Lifetime; damage.