Recueil de mécanique
Volume 2, Numéro 2, Pages 175-180

Efficiency Analysis Of Solar Chimney Power Plant In Tissemsilt City

Authors : Sahraoui Kherris. Djallel Zebbar. Brahim Mebarki. Said Mekroussi. Kouider Mostefa. Lilia Saidi.


The present work shows a study of energetic efficiency of a solar chimney power plant (SCPP) destinated for electrical power production in Tissemsilt region. A mathematical modeling of the installation based on PERRIN Brichambaut irradiation solar model has been carried out. First, a validation of the solar irradiation model with Algerian Atlas Solar has been performed. The results show a good agreement. The effect of some geometrical and physical parameters, such as the collector diameter, the height of the chimney and solar radiation on the electrical power output is analyzed. The results show that electricity production increases with increasing chimney height and collector surface. It is also observed that solar irradiation has a great influence to increase the tower productivity


Solr power plant ; Electrical power ; dimete of the collecteur ; Height of chimney.

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