Revue Nature et Technologie
Volume 9, Numéro 1, Pages 41-44

Study And Optimization Of Thermal Parameters Of Parabolic Trough Power Plant Used In The Site Of Ain-defla

Authors : Touil Abdelkadir . Laissaoui Mohamed . Nehari Driss . Madani Yssaad Habib .


Solar energy is one of the most attractive renewable energy sources due to its abundance in our country. However, despite the specificities of the region of Ain-Defla that can be used to reduce the use can’t be supported by the state. In this case, the contribution of solar energy could effectively contribute in solving some energy problems. Current systems are mainly based on the technology known as the "parabolic trough power plant" which uses a long rectangular mirror and a parabolic trough. The solar rays are reflected by the mirror to converge on the tube which is placed at the focal line of a parabolic trough concentrator; this system has an excellent power generation, it’s non-polluting, and silent. In that respect, this research aims to study the performance improvement of a parabolic trough. Several techniques exist to ensure the high temperature at the outlet, for the optimization is compatible with the software called "Engineering equation Solver" (EES).


parabolic trough power plant, solar thermal, thermal parameters