Iles d Imesli
Volume 8, Numéro 1, Pages 173-185

Du Texte Aux Données Analysables Lwali N Udrar Comme Corpus

Auteurs : Pognan Patrice . Akli Salhi Mohand .


Agzul Deg tezrawt-agi, nra ad d-nesken amek i yelha uḍris n Lwali n udrar d aɣbalu i uslaḍ ama di teskla ama di tesnilest. Neṭṭef ungal-agi d ammud, deg-s ad d-nekkes iferdisen, ama n umawal, ama d tefyar, ama d tikkisin, ad tent-id-nsewjed i usezrew. Abstract Starting from the text as it is edited, as a novel, we wish in this paper to take the text of Lwali n udrar as a linguistic and literary material to transform it into lexical, sentences and sequential data that can be analyzed in literature and in linguistics.

Mots clés

Texte, roman, corpus, données analysables, traitement automatique,