Algerian Journal of Natural Products
Volume 4, Numéro 3, Pages 367-378

Utilization Of Herbal Medicine Among Inhabitants Of An Urban Centre In North-central Nigeria

Authors : Oluyem Joseph . Yinusa Muhammed Abubakar . Raji Abdullateef . Adejoke Joseph .


This study examined utilization of herbal medicine among inhabitants of Ilorin, North-Central Nigeria. 460 participants selected through multi-stage sampling technique were included in the study. Result showed that, Pile 20.2%, was the most treated illness with herbal medicine followed closely by malaria fever 17.7% and typhoid fever 14.9%. 46.0% of the participants utilise herbal medicine because of its efficiency in treatment while 15.8% used it because it works faster for them. Socio-demographic characteristics of participants found to affect utilization of herbal medicine were: income (p=0.001), education (p=0.0001) and occupation (p=0.0005,while those found not to affect utilization of herbal medicine were: age (p=0.5330) and sex (p=0.0054).The study recommended massive enlightenment on the dangers involved in indiscrimate use of herbal medicine, regulation of herbal medicine, provision of health insurance scheme for Nigerians and more research into herbal medicine with a view to integrating it into the modern healthcare delivery system in Nigeria.


Herbal medicine; Utilization; Dogoyaro; Pile; Jedi-Jedi; Agbo- Iba