Iles d Imesli
Volume 7, Numéro 1, Pages 163-191

Base De Données Kabyles : Corpus, Données Et Exploitation

Auteurs : Hassani Said .


Agzul Deg umagrad-agi, ad nesleḍ kra n yismawen n yimɣan ay d-negmer si temnaḍin n tmurt n Leqbayel. I wakken ad yemmed wammud, nga daɣen tasastant, nekka-d i ddeqs n temnaḍin di tmurt n Leqbayel. Nebɣa ad nẓer amek ttsemmin i yimɣan di temnaḍin-agi, nga tikerḍiwin akken ad aɣ-d-tban ugar temḍawit tasnalsayt d umgarad gar temnaḍin. Nsegza-d tamḍawit ay d-nemlal di 29 tedgatin. Negmer-d ddeqs n wammuden si temnaḍin-agi ɣur imselɣa n kra n temnaḍin, ggten yisental i-ɣef dmmeslayen yimselɣa-nni. Imi ammuden di tazwara d iḍrisen ur mmiden ara, nerna nga tasastant akken ad mmden rnu ad nsiweḍ ad nkenni gar 29 tedgatin. Ammuden, negmer-iten-id imi nxeddem deg yiwen n usenfar ilan isem “ Taɣayemt n tsalatin di teqbaylit” akka sya d afella wid yettnadin deg taɣulin-a : timsislit, talɣaseddast, tusnawalt, tasnamka, tasnalsit tarakalt, d tussna n uselmed…., zemren ad sxedmen ammuden-a rnu sɛan tanga i-ɣef ara sbedden inadiyen-nsen. Dagi deg umagrad-a, slid ismawen n yimɣan i umi nga tazrawt, nesɛa azal n 28 yismawen s tenḍiwa-nsen nemlal-iten-id deg tedgatin n tmurt n Leqbayel ara naf banen-d ɣef tkerḍiwin. Awalen igejdanen : tamḍawit tasnalsant – taqbaylit – tasastant – ammud – aktawal Abstract We will try in this article to analyze a corpus relating to the field flora complemented by a survey Scheme (questionnaire ) collected in Kabylia and we will interpret geolinguistic maps to show the lexical diversity of the Kabyle (Algeria) through certain regions on which we conducted our investigations (29 survey points). The grid consists of a list of tokens related to the flora subject to informants from the Kabyle town (villages). We collected qualitatively and quantitatively varied corpus, which tackle different themes related to the daily lives of Kabyles. The corpus and the materials are collected in the framework of the "Kabyle Database". The corpuses will be stored in an accessible database, and can be operated by specialists in different areas: phonetico-phonology, morpho-syntax, lexicology, semantics, linguistics geography, teaching, etc. Here, only the processing of terms related to the flora will be the subject of this article. A twenty of plant names are shown on maps with their variants encountered through the survey points.

Mots clés

linguistic variation – kabyle - investigation – survey – lexical field