Models & Optimisation and Mathematical Analysis Journal
Volume 1, Numéro 2, Pages 56-61

Evaluation Of The Dynamic Reliability By Differential Equations

Authors : Massoum Wahiba . Noureddine Myriam .


Dynamic reliability is defined as the part of the probabilistic analysis in dependability, which studies in an integrated manner the behavior of human-machine systems-software affected by a change in the underlying dynamics. In this article, we study the evaluation of the dynamic reliability of a test case, the heated tank. Our approach consists of four steps: the first one is to study the system in a functional analysis using the FAST method, the second step allows studying the tank through a dysfunctional analysis to obtain dangerous events which can lead to the failure system; the third step is used to model the system by a tree of events in the context of dependability and the last step is to model the different paths leading to failure and the final result is a mathematical model in the form of differential equations.


Dependability, reliability dynamic, functional analysis, FAST method, event tree, differential equations