Models & Optimisation and Mathematical Analysis Journal
Volume 1, Numéro 2, Pages 50-55

New Algorithm To Solve Convex Separable Programming

Authors : Chikhaoui Ahmed . Djebbar Bachir . Mokhtari Abdelkader . Belabbaci El .


The subject of optimization applied to the practical real life problems of electrical energy management system is a complex mixture of modeling, mathematical formulation, algorithmic solution processes and in the end the application of the optimal result to the process, where the process, which should be optimized, must be analyzed and must be understood in great depth. In addition complex mathematical equations and algorithms can be involved; also, computer know-how and software engineering capabilities must be present. In the end, the optimal result must be applied to the process. In this paper text we will give a combination of standard mathematical optimization problem formulations together with a straightforward solution procedures based on a quadratic programming algorithm to solve economic dispatch problem as example of energy management system .


Optimization, Algorithms, linear programming, Quadratic programming, energy management system .

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