مجلة عصور الجديدة
Volume 4, Numéro 12, Pages 98-112

الحبوب في أسواق المغرب الأوسط

الكاتب : رشيد عبد العزيز .


Cereals in the Middle East markets There is no doubt that the difference in terrain and climatic conditions in Central Morocco led to a difference in agricultural production from one region to another, where each side was famous for a certain product more than others, such as dates, fruit and other, with cereal. This variability has allowed for the transition of surplus production of surplus places to and in need of places in need. In this article we will try to reveal the marketing of grain in the middle Morocco in order to know how to transfer these grains from the places harvesting to the markets, and how they were sold, and what are the weights and scales used for the kilo and weight, and prices .. And the nature of abuses that were carried out by traders whether for the grain or the bread which he made of them

الكلمات المفتاحية

Cereals;the Middle East;markets;agricultural production; the marketing;transfer