Revue d'économie et de statistique appliquée
Volume 14, Numéro 2, Pages 211-222

أهمية مرونة الانتقال بين وسائط النقل، ودورها في إحداث حركة تبادل تجاري مُنتِجة في الجزائر

الكاتب : محمد يعقوب. بلخضر عقبة.


The problem in this study is that of describing the distribution of goods flows through a transportation network. In fact, the flows are being 'pushed' equilibrium by the route-switching mechanism. These flows will be later such that there is no incentive for route switching (the stable equilibrium), but this case does not apply to long paths by unique pattern, because these paths are faced with a lot of challenges (Low-flow of goods on long links). Conversely, in the long paths within multi-modal transportation there is a different case. Goods flow is not reduced and possibly may increase also. Consequently, the study is trying to show that the achievement of good goods flow performance in a long paths, which depends on the use of multi-modal transport, depending on the gain of each transport mode an additional flow from the mode who preceded.

الكلمات المفتاحية

Multi-Modal Transport, Goods Flow, Traffic Congestion, Transportation Links and Paths.