Traduction et Langues
Volume 16, Numéro 1, Pages 33-41

The Impact Of Academic Training On Beginner Trainee Translators

Authors : Yekhelef Zoulikha .


Abstract: This current paper deals firstly with some theoretical reflections about the importance of universities as the first stage in forming students of translation as professional and expert translators’ in the future in basis of the Translation Teaching /Learning Process. Also, the various approaches, methods and procedures applied by the teachers during the process that help to verge on texts to be translated the maximum adequate equivalents that correspond to the original text .Moreover/ the role of the teacher as an educator and as a facilitator of the translation task. As a matter of fact, this study takes into consideration the major roles as well as the consequences given by the academic training in forming expert translators. So to what extent do the pedagogical translation and the educational setting succeed in training the students of translation on the professionalism of translation? And what are the conditions that should be set up to realize such objectives for specific and general practice of translation process?


translation teaching, translator training, professional translation, teacher’s role, curriculum, teaching approach, teaching method..