Models & Optimisation and Mathematical Analysis Journal
Volume 3, Numéro 1, Pages 49-55

Improvement Of The Lifetime Of Wireless Sensor Network State Of The Art

Authors : Bengheni Abdelmalek . Didi Fedoua .


The wireless sensor networksare of considerable interestand a new stagein the evolution ofinformation technology and communication. This new technologyis a growing interest given the diversityof these applications: health, environment,industry and evenin sports. Unlike traditional networks, which are concerned to ensure good quality of service,wireless sensor networks must, in addition, take into account the conservation of energy.They must incorporate mechanisms that allow usersto extend the life of the entire network, since each node is powered by a limited energy source and usually irreplaceable. In a sensor node, energy is consumed by providing the following functions:capture, calculation(treatment) and communication. The latter represents a large portion of the total energy consumed. Therefore,the research community is being developed and refined several techniques for energy conservation. Inthispaper, we present a state of the art for improvement the lifetime of wireless sensor networks


Wireless sensor networks ; Energy efficiency; Power management ; sensor network lifetime ; energy Harvesting