Recueil de mécanique
Volume 2, Numéro 1, Pages 136-143

Study Of The Pressure Distribution During The Optical Glass Polishing

Authors : Amine Hamdi. Hasna Mounir. Toufik Aliouane. Djamel Bouzid.


The reproduction of very high quality surfaces during the optical glass polishing is the mannered main objective. To come closer this objective, it is necessary to take in consideration all polishing parameters while more especially interesting to the change of the surface polished shape determined by the intermediate of the distribution pressure measure and the surface contact. In this paper, one determines of the pressure distribution and the surface contact between the pad polishing LP35 and the glass BK7 during the polishing, while using the sensor of pressure. Results show that the change of the glass surface shape is in large part to the variation of the contact surface during the polishing.


Polishing; Pressure distribution; Sensor of pressure; Optical glass

Application Of Judd-ofelt Theory Upon Chlofluorophosphate Glass Doped With Erbium

A. Babai.  K. E. Aiadi.  O. Bentouila.  F. Rehoma.  M. Poulain. 
pages 64-72.

1- Color And Optical Properties Of Cao-nao2-sio2 Glasses Containing Low Amounts Of Transition Metal Oxides

Siham Aissou.  Nedjima Bouzidi.  Zahia Chafi-souici.  Laurent Cormier.  Djoudi Merabet. 
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