Recueil de mécanique
Volume 2, Numéro 1, Pages 112-124

Reliability Techniques And Coupled Bem/fem For Interaction Pile-soil

Authors : Ahmed Sahli. Mohamed Amine Khaled Alouach. Sara Sahli. Aek Karas.


This paper deals with the development of a computational code for the modelling and verification of safety in relation to limit states of piles found in foundations of current structures. To this end, it makes use of reliability techniques for the probabilistic analysis of piles modelled with the finite element method (FEM) coupled to the boundary element method (BEM). The soil is modelled with the BEM employing Mindlin's fundamental solutions, suitable for the consideration of a three-dimensional infinite half-space. The piles are modelled as bar elements with the MEF, each of which is represented in the BEM as a loading line. The finite element of the employed bar has four nodes and fourteen nodal parameters, three of which are displacements for each node plus two rotations for the top node. The slipping of the piles in relation to the mass is carried out using adhesion models to define the evolution of the shaft tensions during the transfer of load to the soil. The reliability analysis is based on three methods: first order second moment (FOSM), first order reliability method and Monte Carlo method.


Reliability; Soil-structure interaction; Piles. Boundary element; Coupling BEM/FEM; Slipping.