Recherche Agronomique
Volume 17, Numéro 27, Pages 48-56

Inventaire Et Conservation De La Palmeraie De Bou-saâda, Algérie

Auteurs : Guettouchi A. . Cherif K. . Belguedj M . Abdelkrim F. . Kadri H. . Belkadi F.z. . Mahdi M. . Soltani H. . Chaabi Z. . Yekhlef N. .


The main objective of this study is to inventory the number of palms tree and the different cultivars remaining in this oasis which is the nearest oasis to the capital and the Mediterranean (250 Km). The number of date palms was 10000 Palms between 1850 to 1860. The number of date palm decreases to 6000 Palms in 2002. Also the number of palms tree inventoried is 2147. So the palm grove reduces understandably each year under the pressure of the structure and the partition of the exploitations, named, « djenane »", so, the decrease of cultivated area from 110 hectares to 155 hectares. The number of cultivars inventoried is 23 and half is original of Bou-Saâda, These last are distributed in 04 zones, on both sides of the wadi-Bou-Saâda, : Djenane Nakhara, Djenane Btom, Djenane Hmaïd, and Djenane Khachbet-Mimoun. The number of the most widespread cultivars is 5 namely, Bou-Saadiya (35,44%), Halwa (15,18%), Deglet-Nour (9,82%), Rotbaya (8,15%) and Horra (6,28%). The safeguard of the oasis of Bou-Saâda Oasis is necessary in order to preserve the site and especially the cultivars threatened by the urbanization and the abandonment.

Mots clés

Oasis - Bou-Saâda -Date palm - Inventory - Characterization - genetic diversity.