Volume 3, Numéro 2, Pages 105-133

The Language Learning Potential Role Of Written Production(output) : Learning To Write Vs Writing To Learn

Authors : Gardaoui Nasser .


Recent literature in second language acquisition (SLA) suggests that mere exposure to language is insufficient for interlanguage development. Learners need opportunities to produce in their L2 (oral/written output) which will enable them to ‘notice’ gaps in their existing L2 kowledge. While the noticing function of output has been increasingly researched by a number of applied linguists, the nature of such ‘noticing’ and its effects in the context of EFL have not been fully investigated .This study has explored this role of noticing and the results suggested that the learners were aware of their lack of L2 linguistic knowledge, and sought to produce linguistically more accurate drafts tending to pay closer attention to L2 input ( linguistic forms) in the model texts that were provided .


L2 learning, output, noticing, input, linguistic forms