Revue Académique de la Recherche Juridique
Volume 8, Numéro 1, Pages 31-38

Electronic Contract Under Iraqi Law A Study Under The Iraqi Electronic Transactions Act No. 78 / 2012

Authors : Jaleel Hasan Al-saadi Hussein Abdullah Challabi .


Internet has been widely used in the conclusion and implementation of electronic contracts in the law and appeared as a new type of contracts which are implemented through non-traditional means and traditional rules which are not able to cope with the problems of this type of contract law. There is legal problems were produced by electronic contracts cannot find a solution to the traditional rules of civil law as a problem the conclusion of electronic contract and the time and the venue of the applicable law to emerging about conflicts, and the competent court that prove the evidence disputes are used the Iraqi legislator issued in 2012 a law of electronic contracts No.78 that deals with the provisions of these contract. This statutory research is considered as a modest effort to show some of the provisions of the electronic contract under Iraqi law


E.contract, E.transactions, E.evidence, conclusion of electronic contract