social and human sciences review مجلة العلوم الاجتماعية والانسانية
Volume 17, Numéro 34, Pages 151-180

اختلال المعاش النفس ـ حركي لدى الأطفال ذوي صعوبات التعلم الأكاديمية

الكاتب : صلاح الدين تغليت . نصر الدين عمارجية .


This paper aims to demonstrate the negative psychological effects resulting from the disruption of the psycho-motors state of the child, which in turn results from a disturbance in both the initial acquisitions and spatial-temporal structure, Which dragged weakness in the pre-academic skills acquisition and what it involves as factors as the identification of shapes, colors, letters and numbers, All of these imbalances evolve sooner to shift later in the developmental stages to learning difficulties affecting the academic quality of reading, writing and arithmetic skills, Which requires the development of an integrated strategy based on modern techniques to ensure or to manage these disturbances

الكلمات المفتاحية

The negative psychological effects;the psycho-motors;the initial acquisitions;spatial-temporal structure,learning difficulties; the disturbance.