Intangible resources and competitive advantage – Case study: Telecommunication operators in Algeria | ASJP

مجلة اقتصاد المال و الأعمال
Volume 1, Numéro 2, Pages 355-341

Intangible Resources And Competitive Advantage – Case Study: Telecommunication Operators In Algeria

Authors : Ilyes Boudiaf,


We aim through this study mainly to measure the relationship between the intangible resources and competitive advantage through its components. We have followed an Extrapolation and Experimental approach. Where we put a model that shows the relationship between the variables studied (intangible resources and competitive advantage). relying on survey method through collecting and analyzing the data by using a set of statistical indicators like Cronbach's Alpha, One-Sample Kolmogorov-Smirnov Test, descriptive statistics (Mean, Std. Deviation, Std. Error Mean) and Pearson Correlation coefficient to validate the hypotheses, after we had written a background literature depending on a couple of main theoretical references. With the help of the statistical software SPSS V20 for output the results. This study has conducted on a sample of 30 agencies of the telecommunication operators in Algeria .Where the main results of this study show the existence of the correlation ( strong- positive) between the intangible resources and the competitive advantage dimensions . .


Key words: intangibility, resources, intangible resources, competitive advantage, dimensions, relationship

  • Business and International Management