PhytoChem & BioSub Journal
Volume 10, Numéro 3, Pages 89-95

In Vivoacute Toxicity Studies Using Swiss Albino Mice And In Vitro Cytotoxicity (bst) Assay Of The Methanol Extracts Of Stem Bark Of Echinaceae Angustifolia Dc

Authors : Zakari Abdu . Kubmarawa Dimas . Oseameahon Sunday A. . Kendeson Christiana A .


The methanol extract of Echinaceae angustifolia DC was tested for acute toxicity (LD50) using Swiss Albino Mice and was screened for cytotoxicity assay using Artemia salina larvae. The results showed that the plant was toxic to the mice at even a low concentration and caused death at a concentration of 500mg/Kg body weight of the live mice. The LD50 was found to be 1,224.74mg/Kg. The result of the cytotoxicity showed that the extract was toxic to the naupli with an LC50and LC90 values of 125.89μg/mL and 794.33μg/mL.


In vivo, Acute Toxicity, Albino mice, In vitro, Cytotoxicity