Journal of New Technology and Materials
Volume 7, Numéro 1, Pages 83-89

Mathematical Modelling And Optimisation Of A Solar Captor Performances

Authors : Mourad Dahmani.


Although a lot of research work has been performed in the field of renewable energy, this domain of research has received, with the recent technological developments, a significant turnover both on the theoretical and experimental sides. At low temperatures, the solar collector plays the role of a converter of solar radiation into heat. Our work focuses on the study of the dynamics and thermal transport phenomena in the air gap of a solar collector in order to optimize its performance. The evolutions of thermal and dynamic profiles in the air gap are presented in this paper, which allows us to quantify the convective energy losses. We also analyze the impact of the interposition of partitions in the air gap. The influence of this new model on convection losses turns out to be significant


solar energy; solar collector; mathematical modelling; performance optimisation

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