Journal of New Technology and Materials
Volume 7, Numéro 1, Pages 53-63

The Influence Of Obstacles And Suspended Matter On The Distribution Of Turbulent Flow Velocities In A Lamella Separator

Authors : Farida Merrouchi.


Stormwater retention ponds are important for the management of urban waste in the rain In sanitation, retention ponds are often constructed to reduce flood risks. Moreover, good decontamination performance was observed by settling. This is why these structures are used increasingly as a holding-settling structures. The problem of lamella settling tank is the inhomogeneous distribution of the flow velocity between the blades then this work focuses on the study of the interaction between the barriers and the turbulence phenomenon. The free surface can isolate the effect of obstacles and avoid possible interactions between obstacles. In this perspective, we first headed identify the physical mechanisms associated with the presence, at the same time an obstacle and two obstacles to test the ability of the program where we found results satisfied after we'll focus our study on a channel which is characterized by complex geometry and the presence of a significant number of obstacles the case of a lamella separator and their effects on the turbulent open channel flow, and secondly interpret the role of these obstacles and influence on the dynamics of turbulent free surface flow. The model based on the Navier-Stokes averaged (RANS) was implemented in the FORTRAN code using the finite volume method (ADI scheme). It is shows the important role of the isotropic nature of turbulence in the complex geometry channel taking into account the case of the free surface similar to a solid wall and the second case the free surface is a permeable medium.


obstacles; numerical modelling;turbulence; secondary currents; walls law; finites volumes; scheme ADI;lamella separator