Journal of New Technology and Materials
Volume 7, Numéro 1, Pages 39-46

Electron Transport Properties Of Ternary Alloys Gallium Indium Phosphide

Authors : Choukria Sayah.


This paper deals with the development and application of Monte Carlo simulations to study electron transport in bulk GaxIn1-xP in the zinc blende crystal structure. The simulation model includes three sets of non-parabolic conduction band valleys which can be occupied by electrons during high field transport. The effects on electron transport of impurities and the relevant phonon scattering mechanisms have been considered. The dependence of the transport properties on the material parameters is discussed and also with regard to the temperature, donor concentration. We have introduced and examined the effects of alloy concentration of bulk GaxIn1-xP, and how this affects the transport properties, especially the average drift velocity, predicted by our Monte-Carlo simulation programs.


Monte Carlo method; semiconductor materials; phonon scattering mechanisms; alloys scattering mechanisms; GaxIn1-xP;

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