Revue des Sciences Humaines & Sociales
Volume 3, Numéro 1, Pages 171-177

ملخص أطروحة دكتوراه علوم في علم المكتبات التدريب الإلكتروني على البحث الوثائقي وأثره في تنمية مهارات المستفيدين من المكتبات الجامعية دراسة شبه تجريبية بجامعة تبسة

الكاتب : سليمة شعلال . عز الدين بودربان .


This work attempted to study the influence of electronic training on the library users at Tebessa University through a semi – experimental approach linking between the training effect and the success rate of trainees, and measuring the impact of the traditional and modern tools on improving the success rate of library users. The researcher administered a norm – referenced test and relied on observation as instruments for collecting data that she gathered from a study sample of 250 library users. After the analysis of data, she was able to obtain significant results about her research topic. In fact, the survey showed the impact of electronic and traditional training on the users’ skills and behavior in terms of information search. Some suggestions were made, so that they might lead in future to the adoption of electronic training programs at the university.

الكلمات المفتاحية

Electronic training, traditional training, documentary search, information search skills, library user, survey, university library, Tebessa University.