Revue des Sciences Humaines & Sociales
Volume 3, Numéro 47, Pages 10-34

التمكين الاداري وعلاقته بتنمية القدرات القيادية في المؤسسات الجامعية

الكاتب : بضياف عادل. العايب رابح.


This research aims to study the relationship between the development of managerial capacities with the heads of department of the university of Médéa and constitutive factors of empowerment, namely learning and training, autonomy ,independence And delegation of power. The problematic includes one of main question: what is the capacity of the guardianship to create the necessary conditions for empowerment within the academic institutions and their implementation in the field. From this perspective, the descriptive and analytical method was adopted along with the questionnaire as a data collection tool, addressed to 16 heads of department of the university of Médéa. 15 questionnaires were recovered and treated with Spss. The results showed that guardianship does not give the necessary attention to empowerment and more particularly concerning the human dimension and is more concerned with material aspects: financial and legal.

الكلمات المفتاحية

Empowerment, managerial capacities, academic institutions, training and learning, independence and autonomy - delegation of power.