Revue des Sciences Humaines & Sociales
Volume 2, Numéro 2, Pages 85-105

وقت الفراغ والترويح وعلاقتهما بانحراف الشباب

الكاتب : فتيحة حمادي .


Free-time sets the suitable climate for deviance through the harmful activities practiced within it as meeting bad companions, watching movies of violence and crime…etc. so a big rate of deviances are committed by youth during free-time. The problem of free-time becomes more serious as it is affecting young people who represent the largest base in the population pyramid of our society, and they are its driving force. Also they enjoy an overflow of energy that needs to be exploited in good deeds otherwise it will be deviated to bad ones. Consequently, it should be take care of using the free-time in utile activities in order to preserve our youth from the risk of deviance. In this article, we tackle: - Free time and the absence of leisure, and their relationship with youth deviance. - The importance of leisure to protect youth from deviance.

الكلمات المفتاحية

free-time, leisure, deviance or deviancy, youth, leisure activities