Revue des Sciences Humaines & Sociales
Volume 2, Numéro 1, Pages 153-168

Les Facteurs à L’origine De L’acte Entrepreneurial : Le Cas Des Entrepreneurs Du Dispositif Cnac De La Wilaya De Bejaia

Auteurs : Siham Aguercif . Mohamed Akli Ferradji .


The factors at the origin of the entrepreneurial act: the case of the entrepreneurs of the CNAC of the wilaya of Bejaia. Entrepreneurship is one of the pillars of economic development. This role is attributed to it as a result of the benefits resulting from its establishment as a catalyst for the emergence of new economic entities. It is increasingly a concern and a focus of many economic, social, educational and political actors. The essential vehicle or driving force of entrepreneurship is none other than the entrepreneur. This actor should be equipped with an entrepreneurial behavior enabling him to successfully complete his career and complete his entrepreneurial motivations which are at the origin of any act of business creation. Our study aims at demonstrating and identifying the entrepreneurial motivations, in other words the factors at the origin of the act of undertaking, through a survey of a sample of 280 entrepreneurs who based their project of «Investment in the framework of the “CNAC” system. At the end of our study, we found that the factors at the origin of the entrepreneurial act of the entrepreneur of the wilaya of Bejaia stem from a long motivational process.

Mots clés

Entrepreneurship, Business creation, Entrepreneur, Motivation,