Volume 6, Numéro 1, Pages 159-171

Pluralité Linguistique Malgache. Entre Pluralité Fantasmée Des Jeunes Ruraux Et We Code Des Promoteurs Du Hh

Auteurs : Randriamarotsimba Vololona .


This article focuses on the way in which young Malagasy live the multilingualism with unequal distribution of their country. To do so, it approaches from an ecological point of view, the uses of languages and the linguistic representations of rural youth and the young parlers of Hip Hop followers of Malagasy urban youths, namely those of Antananarivo, the capital of Madagascar, Island located in the South-West of the Indian Ocean. The appropriation of the linguistic plurality of Malagasy adolescents and young people varies between two extremes. If the rural diglots remain entangled in the surrounding diglossia and manifest a “phantasmic” linguistic plurality. On the other hand, urbanites specify by their great openness to cultural alterity and their manifest autonomy to the diglossie in question. These two modes of appropriation apparently result from the relationsretroactions between the languages in question, the linguistic representations and the multilingual context, rural or urban in which these adolescents and young people evolve.

Mots clés

Pluralité linguistique, parlers jeunes, locuteurs ruraux.