The reality with the agricultural and rural renewal policy in Algeria between challenges and prospects | ASJP

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Volume 2, Numéro 4, Pages 559-585

The Reality With The Agricultural And Rural Renewal Policy In Algeria Between Challenges And Prospects

الكاتب : MANSOUR Manel,


The present study aims at shedding light on the current agricultural policy. Moreover, the study analyses the contribution of the agricultural renewal policy in developing the status of the sector in the economic agregates and developing the competition of the agricultural products in the foreign markets, in addition to the most faced challenges in the sector and the objectives expected to be achieved. The results show that the efforts for rural develompent are really realized at infrastructures level in rural areas such as lands reclamation in the south, development of mountain farming, supporting the rural housing. Despite all what have been realized, the most important objectives of the programme are not realized especially since Algeria pocesses natural and human resources.

الكلمات المفتاحية

natural resources, the current agricultural policy, prospects.