Global Performance and Sustainability: Reference the Algerian Case | ASJP

دراسات اقتصادية
Volume 2, Numéro 4, Pages 987-1014

Global Performance And Sustainability: Reference The Algerian Case

Auteurs : DAHI Amar,


Our work is part of the re-examination of the value notion and the shareholder monism that characterizes it. Can a company break with the current anemia of growth and grow while being virtuous in its social, environmental or governance practices. In this case, how can we position sustainable development in often complex organizations, focusing primarily on shortterm economic and financial performance? If the objectives of this model of development are universal, their implementation can only be differentiated according to the countries studied. What is the level of care taken by Algerian companies?

Mots clés

Environmental economics, Sustainable growth, Value chain, Ecoefficiency, Lifecycle.