Strategies to reduce the perceived risk of consumers when making a purchase decision of a new car -a survey study on a sample of consumers from the city of Constantine- | ASJP

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Volume 2, Numéro 4, Pages 852-878

Strategies To Reduce The Perceived Risk Of Consumers When Making A Purchase Decision Of A New Car -A Survey Study On A Sample Of Consumers From The City Of Constantine-

الكاتب : ALIT Nacira, MERDAOUI Kamel,


The consumer continuously makes decisions related to the purchase of goods and services. This research aims to investigate the impact of the perceived risk on the consumer's intention to purchase a car, and to identify the methods adopted (by the consumer) in order to reduce this risk. In this regard, we have conducted a survey study on a sample, including 134 individuals from the city of Constantine. We found as results that the overall perceived risk and its six dimensions affect the consumer's intention to purchase a car. Moreover, the buyer adopts a set of ways to minimize the risk, such as: the purchase of well-known brand, country of origin, word of mouth, and the search for information.

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Perceived risk, risk relievers, consumer behavior, purchase Intention.