Operational risk management and its impact on banking safety in accordance with Basel II -Société Générale's case study 2008-2015- | ASJP

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Volume 2, Numéro 4, Pages 830-851

Operational Risk Management And Its Impact On Banking Safety In Accordance With Basel Ii -Société Générale's Case Study 2008-2015-

الكاتب : ZERMANE Toufik,


This paper aims to identify the operational risk management in banks, and its impact on banking safety according to the committee of Bâle 2, given the multiplicity of risks faced by banks, and how to respond to that kind of risk considering its effect on performance, with reference to the case of bank society general, and the implemented procedures during the years 2008-2015

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operational risk, banks, committee of Bâle 2, banking Security