The role of industrial subcontracting in the development of the pharmaceutical industry -A reference to the situation of Algeria- | ASJP

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Volume 2, Numéro 4, Pages 701-728

The Role Of Industrial Subcontracting In The Development Of The Pharmaceutical Industry -A Reference To The Situation Of Algeria-

الكاتب : BENHASSINE Nadji, SAHLI Kenza,


This research aims for analyzing the actual situation of the pharmaceutical industry in the world and in Algeria, and for more clarifying of the subcontracting strategy and to identify the current situation and its contribution to the development of the pharmaceutical industry, and reducing the bill of importation. The concluded results shows that the subcontracting affects positively on the pharmaceutical industry in the advanced countries, through the workstations that it provides and the augmentation of production and developing the exportations, while its level of treatment is still very low in Algeria regarding the difficulties facing it.

الكلمات المفتاحية

subcontracting, pharmaceutical industry, large firms, small and medium enterprises subcontractor