Study and analysis of the effect of employments diversification on return in Algerian banks | ASJP

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Volume 2, Numéro 4, Pages 649-674

Study And Analysis Of The Effect Of Employments Diversification On Return In Algerian Banks

الكاتب : MOUHOUB Farida,


This study has as objective the determination of the effect that may have the employments diversification on return in banks, by referring to Herfindahl- Hirschman Index (HHI). In the other case, we used the return of equity (ROE) and the return of assets (ROA) as ratios measuring the return in banks. The Algerian banks represent the population of our study, and we based the study on the collection of data, concerning the financial ratios and the statistics published in the reports of the Bank of Algeria during the period (2004- 2014).The results of the study indicate the existence of a statistical significant effect between the employments’ diversification and the return on assets in Algerian banks.

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employments diversification, return on equity, return on assets, Algerian banks.

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