The Role of Social Media in increasing the efficiency of Communication marketing case of a set of economic enterprises in Algeria | ASJP

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Volume 2, Numéro 4, Pages 538-558

The Role Of Social Media In Increasing The Efficiency Of Communication Marketing Case Of A Set Of Economic Enterprises In Algeria

الكاتب : MAICHE Amira,


The research aims at studying a social media and highlighting their importance in increasing the marketing communication efficiency based upon results of a survey, through a questionnaire, for a sample of economic enterprises that operate in several fields, selected according to a leading criterion in terms of social media pages’ followers. This study demonstrated a positive relationship between the use of social media and the increase of communication marketing efficiency. The results could not be generalised because of the inability to test all the indictors that measure the communication marketing efficiency, in particular the quantitative ones.

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Social media, E-marketing communication, marketing efficiency.

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